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Back pain is nothing to scoff at—it can have a serious impact on a person’s day-to-day lifestyle, eroding their ability to perform many physical tasks. For some, back pain seems to settle in as a natural effect of the aging process. For others, however, it can be traced directly to a specific incident at work or to persistent workplace conditions.

We’re here to help people who have gotten hurt at work from lifting heavy objects or performing other tasks that resulted in spinal cord injuries, upper back pain, sciatica, or a similar disability affecting the back. The Law Office of Jim T. Rademacher is staffed by experienced workers’ comp attorneys who understand the various legal issues involved with back pain injuries from workplace accidents. With an office in Westlake Village, CA, our back injury lawyers serve clients across Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, as well as parts of Los Angeles County.

Common Types of Workplace-Related Back Injuries

Workplace Back Injury Lawyer Ventura County | Santa Barbara County
Back injuries aren’t all alike. Our workers’ compensation lawyers have represented clients who reported a wide range of back ailments, such as these:

  • Lower back pain – Pain in the lumbar region often worsens from lifting or twisting motions. This is the most common type of back pain.
  • Upper back pain – Pain in the cervical (neck) and thoracic (upper/middle back) areas can also cause serious discomfort. Pain in these areas often radiates into the hands, arms, legs, or feet.
  • Sciatica – This condition is marked by pain that travels from the lower back into the leg, and it often manifests only on one side. It’s usually caused by a slipped disc.
  • Spinal stenosis – This spinal canal disorder is characterized by pain, weakness, or numbness in the legs or arms, and can even lead to impaired bladder control.
  • Herniated disc – Injury to the back can cause an intervertebral disc to bulge out unnaturally, often resulting in chronic pain.
  • Lower back sprain – Lumbar sprain occurs when ligaments in this region become torn. This injury frequently leads to chronic lower back pain and stiffness.

Whether you have or cervical, thoracic, or lumbar pain, we have a work accident attorney who can help.

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