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With nearly two decades in the courtroom, Attorney Jim T. Rademacher is the experienced attorney you can count on for your workers’ compensation case. Together with a team of employment attorneys, Jim T. Rademacher is here to fight for you. Based in Westlake Village, CA, our legal team also serves the greater area of Los Angeles as well as Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. With our extensive understanding of the law and a high success rate in workers’ comp lawsuits, you can rest assured that we will properly represent you in your legal case.

Through our years in this community, we’ve helped countless people overcome their legal battles concerning workers’ compensation benefits. We are committed to excellence and success in any case that comes our way. As we firmly believe everyone deserves an honest and compassionate workers’ comp attorney, we want to represent you. If you have any questions about your case, let us guide you through a route to success. Our job is to make you an expert on your situation, giving you the ability to make the most informed decision. For a free consultation, call our Ventura County workers’ compensation law firm today at (877) 922-2889.

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Drawing from our years of legal experience and extensive knowledge, we excel in fighting for your best interests throughout the duration of your workers’ compensation case. We are dedicated Ventura County workers’ compensation lawyers who work to help protect you, your rights, and your family. Here at the Law Office of Jim T. Rademacher, we are equipped to handle legal matters such as:

Long-term, work-related injuries

Work-related cardiovascular injuries

Specific work-related injury incidents

Industrial work-related death

Workplace toxic exposure

Expert legal representation

If you or a family member has suffered an injury at work, you deserve the benefits of workers’ compensation. You also deserve a work disability attorney who knows the system. The process is intricate, which means we need to fight together to get the most out of your situation. As your workers’ compensation lawyers in Ventura County, we’ll help you file your claim, making sure you know your rights and what you may be entitled to. Whether you got hurt in a company vehicle, were exposed to harmful substances, or have physical injuries due to repetitive stress, we are committed to bringing you justice in your workman’s compensation case.

We handle a wide range of work-related injuries, including the following:

  • Burn injuries – Open flames and corrosive chemicals are the most common causes of severe skin burns in the workplace.
  • Lifting injuries – Picking up heavy materials can easily lead to back injuries, even if proper handling procedures are followed. Shoulder and neck injury is possible as well.
  • Hand injuries – Some employees get hurt at work when their hands become trapped in equipment with powerful moving parts, or when fingers get crushed by heavy materials.
  • Repetitive stress injuries – Many musculoskeletal disorders can be attributed to the strain of performing repetitive motions during the workday.
  • Hospital workplace injuries – Hospitals are among the most hazardous of workplaces, as employees are vulnerable to infectious diseases, lifting injuries, repetitive stress disorders, and other threats.
  • Slip and fall injuries – Slick and/or wet floors that haven’t been properly marked pose a serious danger to workers in the area.
  • Wrongful death – If your loved one suffered fatal injuries because of poor workplace conditions, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death

Recovering from a traumatic workplace accident is extremely difficult, which is why it’s our job to take care of the legality of your situation. If your injury was caused by another person’s negligence, our lawyers will work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. During these hard times, we offer you compassion, as well as the legal services you need to reach a fair and beneficial resolution.

Let’s find success together

Handling serious cases alone can be difficult and often results in the victim getting less than the full amount of injury compensation that they really deserve. We want you to get the work injury settlement that you’re entitled to under the law. Don’t let another day go by when the Law Office of Jim T. Rademacher is not helping you fight your legal battle. We personally want to work side by side with you to assure you get the justice you deserve. When you need a workers’ comp attorney in Ventura County, please contact us at (877) 922-2889 for your free consultation.

For legal representation, call our workers’ compensation attorneys at (877) 922-2889 today.

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