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The construction industry plays a vital role in 21st century America, but it shouldn’t be news to anyone that this field is highly dangerous as well. It’s not hard to see why—extremely heavy mobile equipment, falling objects, hazardous chemicals, and other threats mean that employees must be on guard at all times. Construction employees can get seriously hurt; fatal injuries are not unheard-of.

If you’ve been injured, you don’t have to suffer in silence—because the Law Office of Jim T. Rademacher will defend your rights. We have a staff of construction accident attorneys who will fight to help you obtain the settlement you deserve. Operating out of Westlake Village, CA, our team of construction injury attorneys serves clients across Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and parts of Los Angeles County.

Types of Construction Accidents

Ventura County Construction Accident Lawyers
Construction sites are filled with perils. Here are just some of the accidents that clients have had when they come to our Ventura County-based construction injury lawyers:

  • Electrical burns – Construction employees are sometimes charged with the task of removing old wiring from buildings, or installing new wires. Both tasks are quite dangerous. There are cases where construction employees became severely injured due to hidden wires that were accidentally struck during the renovation process.
  • Accidental contact with power lines – Employees on construction sites often must get on mobile platforms that reach high into the air. This puts them in danger of encountering overhead power lines, which can easily result in severe injury or even death, especially if the lines are dangling too low.
  • Falls – Those mobile platforms pose another danger—falls from great heights. Workers can also take a tumble off a weakened edifice or through a floor that suddenly gives way. Slick or wet walking surfaces cause many accidents of this nature.
  • Falling objects – There’s a good reason why hardhats are a necessity on construction sites—but accidents still happen. A falling wrench or loose brick can cause major damage to anyone in the way.
  • Blunt force trauma – Due to their massive bulk and their mobility, construction cranes are dangerous to be around. When an improperly operated crane topples over, tragedy can easily result.
  • Exposure to toxic substances Old buildings may harbor dangerous gases and chemicals that imperil the health of construction workers in the area.

Due to threats such as those outlined above, construction workers are susceptible to a wide range of injuries, including brain damage, skin burns, broken bones, respiratory disorders, and more.

If you have been harmed in this manner due to the negligence of another party, our construction site accidents lawyers are available to help you get a financial settlement to compensate you for your injuries. Having trouble applying for workers’ compensation? Our workers’ comp attorneys will aid you in navigating the system so you get the benefits you deserve.

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Getting injured on the job is a serious issue—you have enough to worry about without the stress of dealing with the legal system all by yourself. Fortunately, there’s no need to do that. We have a team of construction injury lawyers with years of experience in workers’ compensation and litigation. Don’t hesitate—you can speak with a construction accident lawyer in Ventura County at (877) 922-2889. A complimentary case evaluation is available.

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